BRK Smoke/CO Detector Hardwire w/Battery - PHOTOELECTRIC  - VOICE WARNING!

BRK Smoke/CO Detector Hardwire w/Battery - PHOTOELECTRIC - VOICE WARNING!

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  • Exclusive! Voice alarm with programmable location. Programmable with up to eleven locations
  • Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor - the most accurate sensor available as compared to other sensing technologies
  • Photoelectric Smoke Sensor
  • Optipath 360 TechnologyTM - patented technology provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensor.
  • Single button test/silence
  • 9V Alkaline Battery Backup(included)
  • Latching alarm indicator - remembers which unit initiated an alarm
  • Two silence features - can silence the low-battery chirp for up to eight hours or temporarily silence an unwanted nuisance alarm
  • Perfect Mount - allows for easy alignment of alarm
  • Dust Cover
  • Meets both UL 217 & UL 2034 standards - single and multiple station smoke & carbon monoxide alarms.
  • UL mandated repeating alarm horn patterns (85 dB)-3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps and 4 fast beeps, pause, 4 fast beeps.
  • Easy Installation/Maintenance - Preferred features include a large opening in the mounting bracket for easy access to wiring. Keyhole slots in the mounting bracket eliminate the need to remove the electrical box screws for installation. A battery pull tab keeps the battery fresh until the home is occupied. Battery installation and removal can occur while the unit is mounted to the ceiling or wall via the side load battery compartment. Two locking features are provided to prevent battery theft and/or theft of the unit. Connection to AC power is made with a "Quick-Connect" wiring harness. Installation is quick, easy and cost effective.
  • These detectors have a 5 Year Limited Warranty

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