Safe Escape Smoke Hood - 30 minutes of protection while you get out!

Safe Escape Smoke Hood - 30 minutes of protection while you get out!

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The New Safe Escape Smoke Hood will protect you from smoke inhalation and many other toxic gases. Protects against Carbon Monoxide (The most lethal component of smoke), Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Chloride, Acrolein, and Anthrax
  • Guaranteed to give you 30 minutes of breathable air whether it's smoke in the cockpit or a fire in your office, hotel, or home. Important to note this mask blocks out harmful gases but it does not provide oxygen
  • Without using this smoke mask, you have less than 60 seconds to escape the deadly effects of Smoke Inhalation
  • Adjustable strap for one size fits all on ages 2 and up
  • The hood/mask is flame -resistant, aluminum foil cloth, which will withstand 1400 degrees F and protect you from hot falling ash.
  • Sealed in a soft plastic carry bag that is portable enough to take with you anywhere.
  • One time use only
  • Shelf life - 5 years
  • FREE REPLACEMENT should you use it in an actual Fire/Smoke occurance within 5 years.
  • The technology used is licensed by NASA.
  • Presently under submission in USA to NIOSH - OSHA - CDC for industrial use certification.

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